Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boys will be Boys (Part 3)

Another set of Boy's persona.

17. The Poet
The smooth speaker that expresses in words the beauty in the most simple, plain things is quite good to have. Do not mistake this with guys that only know how to sweet talk. A poet feels for what he speaks about coz when he talks of beauty, he really means it.

18. The Son or The Little Brother
Some career-oriented girls or those with motherly instincts, they tend to like having a boy to nurse or coach on. When there is a softer boy who is probably being mistreated, here comes the girl to defend him. Or sometimes, the boy’s way of life is too messy and disorder, the girl just simply cannot stand and help him groom back to tidiness.

19. The Love Doctor
There’s a boy who is so called expert in relationships and share his past love experiences or probably quote others to share to a girl. When you hit the same wall few times, surely you are interested in the stories on how other hit theirs and also the solutions to it. The Love Doctor seems to have to right prescription to it.

20. The Soldier
A loyal friend is hard to find. A loyal male friend who is not your boyfriend is even harder. When you have a boy who is true and loyal to you, it is a blessing in deed. A soldier’s persona is the one who is always at your disposal and help you to win your “battles” in life.

21. The Nutritionist
Food and diet is a part of a girl’s biggest worries. If there is a boy who can remind you constantly on your meals, you can rest assured. How is it different from a female friend who offers the same advice? The boy is of opposite sex and you are actually more concerned with how the boys feel about you than the girls. You can disagree with me but I think eventually, I am right. ;)

22. The Chauffeur
Aren’t you feeling appreciated and important to have a boy always fetch you here and there? The chauffeur aka driver is always at your service and gets you to where you need to be. And to fetch a girl around without complains show how sporting the guy is.

23. The Animal Lover
Animal is men’s best friends, is it true? Often, guys do not have the patient to raise and care for a pet. Which is why, a girl can be impressed by a guy who display such patience and love for animals. It shows the gentle and loving side of a guy. Plus, this implies that you have good potential to be a father/ caretaker…

24. The Paparazzi
Imagine having a personal photographer who always captures pretty shots of yours. A guy with a camera can be very charming and approachable. Instead of just snatching beautiful photos of yours, your memories too are captured and well represented in his albums.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boys will be Boys (Part 2)

More likeable non BF personalities.

9. The Musician
Music is the universal language. Girls do not judge the boy on his appearance or attitude as long he provides beautiful melody. His role is to create a mysterious & romantic atmosphere to comfort her.

10. The Artist
Creativity is inspiring & interesting to be witnessed. To have a boy-artist, it develops a certain degree of admiration and miracles in power of the mind. Just when you think there is only one way to do things, there are many more to be explored. A girl can find comfort in seeing things they never thought existed or possible and it gives a great sense of hope.

11. The Bodyguard
A knight in a shining armor needs not to be a charming prince with a great strong physique. The bodyguard persona offers you security and makes you feel safe at times needed. To think that when you are being abused or offended, there is a guy to stand up for you, this is the guy to be. ^^

12. The Prince
A boy who is good looking and charming is a beautiful sight by itself. No need describes more; just by the looks will make a girl feel happy. However, of course, if it is a Prince persona, it means your attitude and character should be as noble as well. If you just handsome but immoral or impolite, you do not fit in as one.

13. The Programmer
Computer programming and installation is so troublesome. Most girls are not IT type but not all, of course. However, an IT guy in the next door is always convenient and charming. Especially when got virus issue roaming around …

14. The Athlete
A healthy, disciplined yet messy sportsman is a likeable persona. To think a boy dedicates most of his time on his sports career or interest, it shows determination and a degree of manhood. A type so “man” surely impresses a girl.

15. The Chat-mate
This type is same as a “Gossiper” but usually the topic of discussion can be more personal and mature. The big difference is this type of boy is not a good, smooth talker in person but through chat room, he can offer some insightful and meaningful sharing or advice.

16. The Chef
A boy with culinary skills impresses the girls a lot because it took a lot of “courage” to enter the kitchen and actually cook a delicious meal for her. May be it is due to the traditional way of thinking that boys should be out of the kitchen that leads to this. Nowadays, more and more boys cook and way better than girls too. ;)

I am still thinking of few more.. Hopefully, can compile till 40 types. ^^

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boys will be Boys.

Types of non-BF personality of a Boy that makes a Girl happy …

1. The Listener
A good male listener is different of that of a good female listener. A problem with the gender is one of the most frustrating one to a girl. Usually, a female’s perspective is not enough. To have a guy listen to the girl’s problems is very comforting for her.

2. The Party Guy
Going to a party with just girls are no complete package but go with BF is worse scenario. You cannot play crazily with a BF around and there are many games that are not fun without boys. Thus, a party guy is definitely needed.

3. The Geek
Things that are too academic and full of logical thinking are so troublesome. There’s a good specky guy who is full of facts and scientific thinking that provide the right advice required to a girl in need.

4. The Clown
There is a type of boy who impresses the ladies a lot. He’s the humorous and hilarious guy who always makes them laugh with interesting stories and jokes. The girl will chuckle a little but a clown remains a clown, that’s as far as you can get. :)

5. The Brother
A big brother is the most relatable guy to a girl. He is just one step closer to being her BF because there are too many things they have in common. He agrees in her decisions and gives her the best support possible. When a girl rejects a good guy’s love confession, she often turned him into her big brother instead. ;)

6. The Father
A father is a more matured version of a brother. He is also very caring but the way of thinking is more conservational. The supports he offered is often old-fashioned and over protective.

7. The Gossiper
This is the best boy, likable by girls. To have a boy to join in the gossiping is something a girl really likes. Why? If girls gossip among themselves, their information is limited but if a boy joins in, they get the full coverage of the latest news.

8. The Bear
A cute and warm boy who can offer security in sense of no ill-will intentions and huggable is very much desirable. If there is a reason for a girl to like teddy bears that much, imagine a giant human-sized teddy bear to hug and lean against. Especially the big, strong shoulder to borrow when you are sad.

To be Continued ... ... More personality to be discussed. ^^

Friday, December 25, 2009

people come, people go

Dec 25 is the most peaceful & yet most "people" day i had experienced of year 2009.

imagine waking up to a quiet, serene morning with no noises at all. It's like the "heaven" of the mind.

No worries, no distractions, no sensations wat so ever.

To me, there is only me thinking, concentrating on wat I wanna do. That's all.

next, I'm taken back to d "busy city" coz join my course mates to City Square for shopping. And, I am running around again like a "homeless monkey", trying to do what I haven't been doing for the past few years - SHOPPING for new clothes & the "necessary" stuff.

Back from it, here I am thinking about the day. Which i preferred? the quiet, "people-less" way of life or the other way around.

Nah, I won't choose and its not my choice to make oso. Bottom line is people come and go, but I remain there or at least I believed "I am still around". Merry Xmas.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Healthy Competition?

"There's no such thing as a healthy competition, a competitive mind is the most derailed one."

Competition is a just a reason for us to go self-absorbed @ self-revolved, whereby we pick on others - our rival or competitor as a target to knock down.

We wanna win so bad, that sometimes, it is not just our competitors can feel that friction. Even those who live or compete on our side are burnt in the process.

Competitive mind is a most restless one, while it seems a mind so focused on a single goal, driving us to impossible limit or boundless capabilities.

A competitive mind is actually one who is based on fear while it seems so hopeful & inspirational because we aimed for victory in any kind of way. As long as we can win, we 'll try or do anything to make sure we own it. When we failed to do so, the mind is so carried away by doubts & fear, it starts to cause disharmony within you & those around you.

We thought we knew what the rules are of a competition but the technicalities & issues that may occur are just simply out of our hand.

Another issue which is so CRAZY, actually it's kinda a joke when the competition is over... is that everyone thinks that they deserve to win. There can be never a situation where everyone is a winner of the PRIZE, if everyone wins, it can no longer be called a competition.

But losing a competition, does not mean that you'll lose forever. As long as we failed to grasp this concept of gaining during the process, a competition is just what it is, unhealthy & derailing.
Those who wanna win so bad, there's a price to pay to gain the prize. It may be $$$, time, effort and even to an extent of losing a fellow friend.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Minor Chords...

"Negativity is not to be rejected, instead, embrace negativity to survive the longer run."

Everyone has this bad habit of thinking positively, optimistically but for me, it is all BULL...
Negativity is part of life, it is part of what we are doing, receiving & dealing with... most of the TIME.

If you are pushing away the negative stuff in life, and decorate your life with hopes & blessings... that is ain't positive thinking. It's suicide or can I say, delusional.

A song not always play cheerfully, filled with major chords & happy tunes.You will see that there are people who is sulking in minor chords whereby most sad & downed songs are consisted of.

It is there and to ignore it, you are living in a dream. Only by accepting negativity, you will realize you need a better solution. Only by knowing that there's danger, then, we will make efforts to deal with it.

I for one, enjoy negativity. I'm the most pessimistic in every group, be it assignment or song-composing or projects or society's activities planning & execution! Because if I don't look for the faults before hand, it will hit us HARD in the later hours.

A song, too. If there's nothing wrong with a song, it be perfect and people find perfect really boring... Cause, we want perfection but when we are there, it means that we are satisfied. But, we will never satisfy cause if we do, there 'll never be excitement & disappointment anymore.

Friday, September 25, 2009

the Common Melody...

It is one of the very common obstacles to face for a writer that is, how to begin his/her writing?

After a while of thought process, I think I'll go by some self introductory remarks on myself.

Firstly, this is not my first blog. I had another blog running @ friendster.com but it's been a pain to maintain and the account almost gone inactive. So, I decided to shift...

Next, the title of this blog, it's weird, I KNOW!!! Still, what it is meant to convey is that this stage of my many writing phases has reached another degree of revelation on life, on meeting peoples & dealing with departures etc..

I used to go with "Complain & Compare" to what this life or society or world is all about. But, the change simply indicates that I'm already beyond comparing... It's almost like I gave up finding faults in imperfections of self, self & others and others alone.

For my first post, I'm gonna be humble a bit.... YOU will realize soon in later posts whether I'm really THAT humble or I'm not. I wanna express that there's a common melody that is playing in each of us, we are not that different cause our life revolved around routines.

Excitements or disappointments are simply the ups & downs of the musical notes in this rewinding melody.

Therefore, if we are hearing the same melody, I'm sure we''ll be in synch in no time. Catch the tempo, everyone... Embrace the songs of our lives, dear readers...

An additional remarks, I'm deeply, crazily, frenzily into music composing & song writing.. Maybe this blog will go in that direction in the future, do bear with it..